A little Glitch in the Spanish course

  • This is a little glitched card I've found.
    But I like the new fill-in form. 🙂


  • works@Lingvist

    Ouch, it shouldn't be happening, thanks for your +1, @William. We are checking your case.

    As for the (anything but pretty) element-overlap on mobile, it is a true story...

    Because there can be several reasons to this happening:

    • sentences being too long
    • phone screens being too small
    • new update or experiment reacting unpredictably with a few elements

    we can't catch them all before they land on your screens. Our QA tester appreciates each log on this forum with a screenshot of what went wrong. The one above is a perfect example! I'll get back to you about that one soon.

  • Is this fix live in production? I still see it as broken, exactly as in the screenshot. The text is in a container marked up with a class "no-wrap" applying a white-space: nowrap style to all the text, causing it to overflow.

    (On another note, Lingvist has a number of element-overlap problems on mobile)

  • @Marina I think I'm definetly in the minority on this one but I actually liked the new spacing more than the old one.
    One reason beeing that every letter had the same width so it was easier to see the size of the word.
    The old system is fine too but maybe you could make it an option wich one too choose in the future if it isn't too much trouble.

  • works@Lingvist

    Ouch, thanks for letting us know, @ThePikmania.
    It was a glitch and things should be back to normal for you. I'm afraid it also means the spacing is gone, too. But do tell if you found it really helpful!

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