Display glitch or intentional change in the card layout design?

  • Hi,

    I have been using your site for a few days now. I have been very happy with everything but tonight, suddenly I noticed a graphical change in the way that the cards are displayed: before, the input fields used the same font size and character spacing like normal text but now I see a space for each individual character.

    Bad rendering?

    Is this change intentional or is this a problem with my web browser? I tried to reload the page, flush the cache, etc but it didn't help. For the record, I am using Firefox 53.0 on Windows 10.

    Is there any way to go back to how things were shown before? I find this new input field very annoying and hard to use. It is hard to explain why: it forces me to think of the individual characters rather than the words themselves. It feels like a crossword puzzle rather than a memory card. To be honest, I don't feel motivated to continue finishing my cards for tonight just because I feel a disconnect between what I was practicing the nights before and what I see on the screen tonight. I hope you can help me to fix this issue.


  • The original layout is back!

    Team Lingvist, thank you for taking us into account. That particular change didn't work for me but I do enjoy the constant tweaks to the platform.

    This really is an outstanding piece of software. It's elegant and it's effective and by far the favourite part of my language-learning routine.

  • Thank you very much for the change. You're great!

  • @Kyle-Goetz I agree that indicating the number of letters required can be helpful, particularly in the case you describe. But this could be done without increasing the space between letters. For example, you could allow the lines under the letters to touch but alternate colours.

  • I like it for two reasons:

    1. because the app doesn't appear to accept multiple correct answers (and there sometimes are multiple correct answers from the words learned so far), this helps know which one they expect without wasting time typing a different correct answer only to discover it's not the right length; and

    2. it's thrown off where the words appear in questions I've seen a bunch, so it's sort of reset things so that my brain can't have learned the correct word by the "shape" of the sentence. Of course, soon my brain might start compensating and start memorizing this, too, necessitating another layout change.

    Actually re 2, maybe a good idea is to randomize line breaks periodically, so the same question lays out differently, preventing the user from memorizing the correct word by position in sentence, which is something the brain will definitely start doing. There are words I couldn't give in a sentence, but that I know are correct because my brain remembers where the words were laid out in a sentence and knows a certain word goes in a certain layout.

  • I greatly appreciate your effort to give us the opportunity to learn new languages through this interesting and useful method. However, if it is fine with you, I'd like to suggest a couple of things. Firstly, the sudden changing of format instead of helping in the process of long term memory has change the pattern of learning, and words have lost their essence inside the sentence. It means that the broken lines for new words seem unnatural and strange. Possibly, you've noted that the curve of learning are going down along with motivation. As other students wrote something similar, I think that I'm not alone in asking you to go back to the old format. Secondly, in the German language, if it's possible to create some kind of pattern (like most frequent words, before teaching synonymous or no frequent words as bishop or proposal, for example ), it could be more beneficial to set some kind of brain map. I'm very grateful for your hard work and I hope that this suggestions could be helpful to make a better course. Thank you!

  • @richard.hoberman I agree! I've subconsciously begun to neglect lingvist while I used to keep a rigid routine. 😞

  • I agree. Please turn back to the old lay out, or give an option to switch.
    It is inhibiting the learning process. The letter clues are also bothersome, I did well just with the blank space.

    I can understand people might 'eye' the length of the word required, but this just makes things a lot more confusing.

  • me too. please fix

  • Honestly, this is getting out of hand. Please, please, please, fix it!

    broken card

  • Me too. The spacing interferes with my ability to perceive a word rather than sequence of letters. This is a dispiriting change that has turned my evening session from a joy to a chore.

  • I came here to post something similar. The new layout is jarring, ugly, and disruptive.

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