Strange review beahviour, is it a bug?

Almost always, when I start using lingvist (web version, rarely use android), the first review or first few reviews which are shown seem to be out of place. Specifically, these are cards which I answered correctly during my last session in the language. They are not necessarily cards which I have recently (or even ever) answered incorrectly. In other words, they are just normal reviews, and I can't see a reason why I would be given them in consecutive sessions. So, is it a feature, or a or bug?

Here’s an example: Today I started learning Russian, and the first card to some up had the answer мимо. I answered this card correctly the last time I studied Russian - the day before yesterday. Before that, I had probably not seen this card in over a month.

In German, the word is ‘kostet’ - I have probably never got this wrong, and I answered it correctly yesterday.
In French, it’s ‘sensible’ - I have recently answered this incorrectly, I answered it correctly yesterday.

OK it's definitely a bug because it also effects new cards. Sometimes I answer a new card, and then it crops up again, still marked 'new' in the same circumstances, at the start of a session.


Hi Maksim,

I have checked on this and what's happening is partly feature and partly bug. After answering a word correctly the first time, you should expect to see it again in the future - this is a verification step for improving our algorithms. However you should not see it again for at least a few months not two days. This is a known bug and we are working on this.

Hi Mikk, that's interesting. I think this also happens with cards which don't fit into that category: Today, my first card in French was 'contexte', which I answered correctly yesterday. According to the word list I have answered it four times, and I doubt yesterday was the first time I answered it correctly. I suppose I could have answered it incorrectly the first two times, but I doubt it.

There's also the repetition of new cards still marked as new, as I mentioned above.


This is another occurance of the same bug. It happens when multiple browsers and/or devices are used. The same bug can also result in seeing the 'new word' indicator again after answering it the first time. Thanks for mentioning it.

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