Detailed vocabulary view is not working properly

When I click on the progress icon and click on vocabulary then on view , what about the other words? and why next and previous buttons are not active ?

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@Yousef-Koulivand, your problem is not totally clear for me. Are you talking about this issue?

Sure , sorry about the garbled message , what do I do now ?

Pray and wait, I guess. There is nothing you, or me, or any other user can do about it.

@Yousef-Koulivand @dev_temp I promise we are working on it. 99% of resources are going to the Japan launch currently but after May 20th, things should relax a bit and we can finally fix up this word list. I am waiting for it just as eagerly as you guys. Btw @dev_temp Ich liebe Faultiere! :-)

dev_temp, Lisa-Lingvist i have the patience of a saint. I guess we all have to hang in there like a sloth hanging from a tree. we'll see about that . alt text

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