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  • The site does not seem to accept synonyms. In the flashcard shown below, I believe the missing word could be "alegre", "contento" or "feliz". Only "contento" is accepted.

    To have correct answers rejected makes the learning experience more frustrating. At least two of your competitors (Babbel and Duolingo) seems to know about synonyms, given them an edge over this site.

  • works@Lingvist


    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    As you probably know, there is a specific thread on this forum where you can find specific instructions on how to send us your ideas and suggestions on language areas such as synonyms and phrasal verbs.

    As regards the example you have provided us with, let us give you a short explanation on how gender and number work in Spanish, and thus, the reasons why we have decided to include only that specific adjective.

    As you probably know, the words feliz and alegre, are gender-neutral, whereas contento is masculine, which also has its feminine form (contenta). The symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of the card indicates that the word you need is a masculine singular adjective (because the word it describes –director– is also singular masculine), which narrows down the options to just contento. This term is one of the first few on our frequency list, which means that, at this point in the course, the users who are learning such words are getting used to very important grammar notions, such as those of gender-number agreement.

    In that sense, we think that, at the beginning, it is more important for learners to acquire one word at a time plus a basic understanding of such notions than to be able to type in several synonyms of a given word, as they will have an opportunity to learn and practise those terms anyway (all of them will appear in further cards).

    We really appreciate your constructive feedback!

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje! 😉

  • If a synonym exists that has the same or a smaller lenght it is usually accepted.
    The benefit of this system is that you have an idea of how long the word you are looking for is supposed to be.
    I find this quite practical but it limits itself to a smaller number of synonyms.
    I agree with you but I currently have no idea how they could fix that problem without loosing this feature.

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