How many words are there in the German>English course?

  • Hi, wonder how many vocabularies are there in that course. Learned about 3800 and the course stopped suddenly. Initially I planned to do the 200hours as my challenge but after 36h i have already exhausted the words.
    When will you add more?
    The app and this methodology are really great. Much fun to use it.
    BR Alexander

  • @lisa-lingvist
    Hi Lisa, have you already add more vocabulary to the English course for Germans? I found something new with business English course but only if paid. What is the content of the course if I pay for a while? What can I expect to get presented?
    Best regards

  • Hi Lisa
    Looking forward to receiving your update (soonπŸ˜‰). All the best for you too.

  • works@Lingvist

    @suncut Hi Alexander,
    Good job getting through our German to English course! Yes, currently this course has just under 4000 words in it. There are more coming in the future though it will still be a while, unfortunately. I will post an update on the forum as well as soon as I know a more specific timeline.
    All the best,

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