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  • Hi,

    There has already been a topic on this, but since there's been no official reply, why the sudden change in lay-out? And will you give the option to switch back?

    I have really been trying to like the new lay out with the spaced out words, but it disrupts my learning process and of several others. Similarly when you read a book, you do not read letter individually; you see them as clusters that interact. If the issue of guessing is the reason, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that our brains get 'used' to the length of the word as it is a part of the learning process.

  • Haha, well I read this one's content and was like "no way did an employee write that" 😉

  • @Kyle-Goetz I guess you rarely read the contents of my posts, I doubt I could be confused with Lingivst people. Also, they have special badges beside the nicknames.

  • Haha, dev_temp, until I saw this post of yours, I'd always assumed you were affiliated with LV because of the "dev" part of your name.

  • But it wasn't broken, until they "fixed" it.

    The staggered, underlined letters defeats the whole point of the shaded background. Before the "improvement" you could usually determine if your spelling was wrong by deducing if the letters either overfilled or underfilled the background word shading. And you really couldn't overfill a background shaded area since once you reached the correct number of proper spelling characters, the system would stop accepting keyboard inputs.

    I, too, find the fill-in-the-blanks approach counter intuitive and forced. It certainly isn't a way to learn unless you're in primary school and need to use these blanks as a form of handwriting practice.

    I'm curious to know how the LV team is too busy to address the issue, but they apparently had time enough to implement it to begin with?

  • So now what, you gonna create topics till they'll get out of a free space on a server or what? There no need to be rude. As you've mentioned, there is a topic already, eventually they'll get to it. Today I saw a response to a topic from November, stating that they finally noticed it and ready to think about the question risen. They are a small team currently trying to invade the Asia and conquer the world in the nearest future, there is not always time to fix what's broken. But, hey, good news, you are in total control of what you seen in your browser. With Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey you can change the page layout the way you want (if you or your friend have a basic knowledge of html/css). There are enough of you people to figure a temporary fix on your own, that would be much more productive problem solution then making multiple topics with the same question. Personally, I would love to help, but this issue doesn't affect me (I have the old layout with no blank spaces), so I guess I'm in a different A/B group. And, as testing is probably still going on, there is a good chance they will consider your opinion.

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