Lingvist website needs to have a dark mode.

I wish you would spend more time adding features onto the actual website because it seems the app itself on smartphones seem a lot more developed.
Cosmos theme choice on phone app but not on the website, why.

Hey, hey! Great question. Many of us are asking the same thing :)
It has to do with our developing power for native/desktop apps. You are spot on for raising this though and, luckily, we will slowly be bringing more and more native features into the desktop app.

Our designers will love to hear that you like the cosmos theme. 🚀

Like, where the words it teaches you are "death," "destruction," "pillage," "bubblegum pop music" and stuff like that?

You just gave me an idea, Kyle... Taking off to pitch "The Dark-Darth" mode to product.


I like the way current dark theme looks. Feels much more usable then the previous iteration. Good job!
P.S. take extra credits for adding selection to the settings page.

I personally prefer the previous theme, I don't like dark theme in general. Is it possible to change this in user settings or something like that?

@Hai here's how you change your forum skin to light:
How to change theme to light mode

Settings -> Select skin theme -> Default >> Save changes
Refresh the page after having saved your new skin preferences.

@Marina Wow! Thanks for being so accurate 👌

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