If declensions etc count as separate words...

  • Hello everyone,

    Feel free to remove this thread if it's just annoying... But I'm really puzzled by the fact that a recent thread mentions around 2900 words in Russian. Given that a verb "declined" in six persons counts as 6 "new" words, and the same for adjectives, that leaves....what? 500 actual distinct words?

    I like the fact that you have various examples of the same word / verb but that shouldn't count as a new word...

    Is anyone else bothered or curious about that ?

  • Thank you Maksim - I should have searched the forum a bit more 🙂

  • There was another thread about this where people pointed out that it would be more accurate to call them lemmas than words. The ratio of lemmas to words you have there (6:1) is off, though, because not every form of a noun or verb is included in the course, in fact for many words, only one form is taught.

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