Easy Spanish grammar for English speakers [4] - The Past

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    Welcome back to our Spanish Grammar series!

    This week's post is devoted to past tenses in Spanish and their (closest) equivalents in English. Are you ready to continue improving your Spanish with us?

    Bring it on!

    Let's start by having a look at the following example:

    Ayer estuve con María y me dijo que estaba bien (I met María yesterday and she told me she was all right).

    Both are past actions, right? What's the difference between those two conjugated forms of the verb estar, then?

    As we mentioned in a previous post, the easiest way to understand verb tense usage is to create equivalence charts. They will work as a quick reference to remind you of the tenses you are learning to use, their general concordances, as well as their exceptional uses:

    0_1521668742731_4b8922d3-b019-4fd4-b1b2-9b6bf65bddb7-image.png 0_1495123961654_pasted image 0 (9).png

    New Grammar Challenge?

    alt text

    If you would like us to create a new grammar challenge for you to practise present and past tenses, just let us know by posting below! ⬇⬇⬇

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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