Can't find letter Ы on Russian keyboard

I am trying to use your lingvist app on iphone,
but there seems to be a little problem with it.
The Russian letter I, used in for instance вы,
doesn’t seem to exist in Russian keyboard for os.
therefor it seems impossible to type certain words.
any solution for this?
it also doesn’t help to switch back to english keyboard and type “I”.
the app doesn’t allow/recognise this.


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actually, this letter also is not available in the keyboard given in your desktop version.
see attachment
alt text


Hi @renzooh , here's the letter Ы you are looking for.

aah! confusing, but got it now! спасибо!


@renzooh The confusion comes from the two letters looking very similar: Ь and Ы.
The first one has no sound, it serves to indicate that a consonant, after which it is placed, has gone softer, whereas the second one, Ы is a vowel. We have some Cyrillic learning resources shared here. Удачи :)

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