Is there a way to review "learned words" with the flash cards?

  • I'm sure this has been asked before.

    Looking back over my "learned" words there were several that I couldn't recall the meaning to now. After practicing new and recent words with the first 100 cards, it would be nice to go back and strengthen old words. Looking back at the old sentences could new depth to my understanding as well, even if I easily remember the word.

  • @Marina Thank you for giving us some details. I've got some peace of mind knowing that y'all are listening.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Daniel-Lano and @Kyle-Goetz thanks for your passion and dedication. We learned that word list is an indispensable feature for engaged learners. There are indeed several discussions on this forum, which only shows the feature is in high demand.

    There are several reasons why the word list is still missing:

    • this task (like a few other) has been losing priority battles during sprint plannings, even though we are very keen on bringing it into the app because many of us, lingvist people, are learning languages with Lingvist;
    • it does take us extra engineering power to implement it in the way we want (this may come as a surprise, but there are ways our data is architected—it isn't a trivial task).

    We are not taking any offers to fix it for us for free, but we appreciate the willingness. Our engineers are working on it as we speak.

    What you can do to decrease perceived uncertainty around the word list:

    • link to this forum post for explanation why the word list is missing,
    • show support to our engineers by accepting the task's complexity,
    • create a patient environment helping other engaged learners through the waiting time (any lingvist hacks are welcome, but keep in mind that the solution is underway).

    Thanks for being our learners!

  • The feature is broken. It's been brought up a few times on the forums. I think it's on their todo list but has no ETA. We just have to wait.

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