Daily goal icons incorrectly greyed out

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    In the progress bar at the side, the 'new' and 'correct' icons are greyed out, even though I have met my daily goal for both of them, as can be seen above. If it makes a difference, I'm learning French.


  • That is what I observe for over the midnight sessions on the site: progress might start from 0 for a couple of cards, then it seems to catch up the card count from the previous day and then it gets stuck (sometimes fluctuating 1-3 cards back and forth). But, learned words and correct percentage are still ticking. More interesting, that Android app attributes that "after midnight" part to a new day. If the "badges algorithm" treats data the same way as the phone app, it might be a reason you haven't achieved those "rewards". I guess it also might be a root cause for the behavior observed by other students, like this one. I know, it solves nothing for you, but devs might figure something from it, if they care.

  • Lingvist graduate

    The screenshot is indeed from the website. The session was all on the web app (and I think all within the same window without refreshing), but I think it might have been stretched over midnight. I'd have assumed that if that were the case, it would have either reset everything, or kept all the progress, but it looks like it's kept the count for the number of cards over the midnight mark, but something's come loose for the 'new' and 'correct' buttons. Thanks for the kudos!

  • The screenshot is obviously from the web app and I have noticed a couple of times that I wasn't awarded with the badge after reaching the goal, but that was just a couple words off (badges appeared after a bit of extra practice). Here we can see the extreme example of that behavior. Though, I've also noticed that handling over the night sessions and syncing across devices is mess and often breaks progress tracking. @Matthew-Law was this session split among different devices or stretched over the midnight?

    P.S. kudos to your memory retention, the result is phenomenal!

  • Matthew are you been using the lingvist app ? Because I used to have the same issue with the app which doesn't show me my icons when, for example, when I achieved the correct words, new vocabulary, etc. But, when I used the website, I don't have this trouble.

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