Hi there! Can you guys recommend any listening resources for French? Any podcast or youtube channel that you found helpful?

Easy French

That's all that I know of, sorry I can't be of anymore help.

There are two podcasts I found very helpful, one is called Coffeebreak French and is suitable for beginners. They cover a lot of topics that might come in handy, explanations are in English, starts out with the basics but there's a loooot of content on there (which I haven't all finished yet myself), so it gets more challenging as you progress.

The other podcast is called One Thing in a French Day. More aimed at advanced learners as there is no English spoken at all, episodes are short and more suitable for training listening comprehension I believe.

Hope this helps!

I have prepared this list of links link text for my secondary school students. There may be something useful there for you. I especially recommend Euronews for listening as you get the transcripts as well .

Helen's list was awesome (Thanks Helen). I have bookmarked it for myself. I enjoy the French Voices Podcast for an intermediate level learner.

@Ezekiel-Straße Thanks for this! It looks immensely useful for practising my listening skills. Merci beaucoup!

@Helen-Myers Thanks for this extensive list! I tried Euronews (website) but there were no transcripts available. Is this an app-only thing?

@Sunny I've tried Coffeebreak French but found the initial few episodes to be too beginner friendly to continue. Like you said, it gets challenging later on, so maybe I'll give it one more try. One Thing in a French Day looks helpful for improving my listening skills. Thanks for the recommendations!

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