Diacritics shown at all times

  • Is it possible to have the accented character popup to be visible always? Or is there a keyboard shortcut to enable it without using mouse?

  • @maksim great, thanks for the feedback!

  • @maksim In today’s new words I had:
    décisions, intégration, diplôme, médias, sélection, stratégie, matériel. I probably only entered the correct spelling on one of these, but I got most right on the first try.

  • @andy Hi, I'm also interested in a 'strict-mode'. Doing French, there are many questions where the answer is identical to the clue (or similar enough to be easily guessed), apart from the presence of one or more accents in the French word. If I'm constantly getting these questions right, the program doesn't offer any opportunity to learn how to spell them, apart from by flashing them up on the screen for a few seconds.

  • @dansmister-at-gmail-com Great, thanks for coming back to me.

    We don’t have a strict mode for diacritics but this has been mentioned before from other users. Again, this is something we will consider as we improve the product.

    Thanks again for your feedback. It is really useful for us.

  • @andy

    1. I use keyboard left ,right keys to move forward and back between screens, up key to show translation. I am just now getting familiar with intl keyboard and <alt> key to get diacritics.
    2. Discovered by guessing from use in text based apps
    3. Switching between mouse and keyboard causes me to lose focus (on screen as well as mentally) I have been using keyboard "shortcuts" from days before GUI (DOS and Linux apps).

    On related topic, is there a "strict" mode that requires/reinforces use of correct diacritics?

  • Hi @dansmister-at-gmail-com Thanks for your feedback. This isn’t a feature we currently have at the moment but we will consider it in future discussions.

    I’m a Product Designer here at Lingvist and I would be interested to know a couple of things, if you wouldn’t mind sharing -

    1. Do you use any other keyboard shortcuts when using our product?
    2. If so, how did you discover these shortcuts?
    3. Do you prefer to use your keyboard only in general or just with Lingvist?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

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