You've asked us so many times, we've asked our devs so many times, our devs have probably spoken to their computers about it... It was nowhere to be found. When we finally heard the news, we were scared to celebrate not to jinx it, yet it was tough to contain ourselves.
So, I've collected my own and my colleagues' excitement and poured it into this trailer:

The word list is in the app near you very soon!

@Lisa-Lingvist the trailer ist ausgezeichnet! Previously I've told people not to hold their breath for this. Scratch that, now we really holding ours! Thank you for fighting on our side!

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  1. That's awesome!

  2. I want to hang out with all of y'all now. Especially thumbs-up person. That's my pose when I take pictures. Especially when I take pictures with my newborn daughter, I thumbs up constantly. It's ironic, because I am so tired I shouldn't actually be thumbsupping at all ;)

  3. #swag

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I believe that "thumbs-up" person wasn't just a random one, but someone we know so well on this forum. The one, who faces our impatience and "straightforwardness" on a daily basis :-D

Also, I'm personally pleased that another helpful, incredibly responsive and, as it turned out talented person, though stayed behind the scenes through-out the video (probably directing and making this show run) still made it to the group photo ;-)

I was able to identify another 3 members and probably can guess 2 more, but anyone of the Lingvist-team members wiling to reveal their identities, are mo then welcome to do this in the comments below.

Thank you for your work!


Hey guys, thanks for being a great crowd! The forum team is getting together next week and we've started thinking about hiring hair and makeup artists, to make that public appearance 👽

Yay! It's finally here! Up and running!
alt text
alt text
You guys rock!
Love y'all!

Though, 9 pages 8 words each. Something doesn't sound right...

Lingvist graduate

@dev_temp That one has been here for a few months now, maybe even since the beginning, I don't recall.

I genuinely doubt this is the actual list.

@Michael not exactly. It was available for certain old and mature courses, but wasn't available for lots of new recently lunched courses. Users were bagging and crying in numerous topics to make it available for all, but that was continuously delayed, reportedly due lack of time and technical complications. My screenshot is from German course, for which, I can assure you, it wasn't available till this day. Though, some users previously reported word list to be broken even for old courses, and it seems that some "imperfections" made their way to a newer release. Looking forward for this to be fixed.

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So, word lists are actually working on the website now, too!
This is great, but there are still a couple of things:

  • the list isn't really navigable, a search function would be great.
  • i believe it doesn't contain any of the words skipped in the initial placement test, which is why the total and the number of pages don't match.
  • it would be superb if the popup translations when you click on a word in a sentence would work, too (spanish course).
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@dev_temp Oh, I only use the French course, which I believe was the first course ever made, so it had the list since the beginning. The reason I doubted this being the actual list is because it's not a full list, it only displays around 300 words or so, out of 3000.

My German vocabulary list used to be blank before this thread. Now it lists 8 words on 39 pages and 4 on page 40, making it a total of 316 words. Looking at the history (I counted daily new words), I've encountered 705 new words since 04 Jun. Obviously something doesn't add up.

Looks like previous learning history is not imported into Word list and it's gradually filled with words that were repeated or learned after the feature was introduced. New users wouldn't notice anything, but it'll take some time to be filled for users "that have a history". Does anyone can confirm my observations? Official response wouldn't hurt either.

@dev_temp Yes it's the same with me.

I don't think it's that much of a problem since you are going to stumble upon those missing words from your vocabulary list sooner orr later, but if the text on the "vocabulary" section highlights the words you are supposed to already know that should mean that the information about what words you know is saved somehow but not loaded into the wordlist.

Unless that graph and text function independently from the wordlist...


Hey guys, thanks for the praise!

First release had issues
Now you can fully grasp why it took us so long to launch the bloody thing the word list and why we were so excited and scared to jinx it. 😁

Current status update

The word list is making its first steps on the web app. At the moment, it should display a correct number of total words learned. For some users, however, it may take up to several hours for the data to sync, and a learning session of at least 100 words, but it should not take more than 1 day. If the total amount of words learned is incorrect after you've done 100+ words, please wait for up to a day and clear your cookies+refresh the page.

If the total amount of words learned is still incorrect OR if your word list is missing words (like mine), please +1 in this thread and provide details of your browser + a screenshot.

The words you have fast-tracked through are currently not being displayed. I will keep this thread updated with further developments.

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Thought I'd share that I was probably really annoying with my constant "I'll implement this feature if no one else will" posts. When I was first linked to LV, the person who told me about it I think suggested it was just a one-person affair. Then I saw a couple people who'd contributed to the courses, and I figured those were some volunteers like Duolingo has.

So in my defense, I kept making this offer because I seriously thought this was like one or two people. Only after seeing the "word list" video do I realize it's a legit company. I feel dumb :)


Haha, thanks @Kyle-Goetz! You are forgiven for your sense of humor and self-awareness ☺️
(Next time I am in your place—feeling as you feel now—back me up. 😎 )

Here's the almost full Lingvist crowd from the last summer days party (with kids and a few family members).

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Special announcement for @Kyle-Goetz and @dev_temp! The "behind the scenes" video is out and waiting for you here. 😀


Update, guys!

The word list has been born. It is now fully available on desktop, iOS and Android apps.

happy kittens

What to expect
To see all the words you have learned on the app.

What not to expect
To see the words you have skipped during fast-tracking (language placement test). Not yet, sorry 😬 Devs are solving the technical riddle. They asked for silencio.

In case the word list is empty, incomplete or not clickable on mobile
Please troubleshoot your account first:

  1. Go through at least 100 words (we need an active learning session)
  2. Check the word list again

It took me 100+ words on a desktop app and 183 words on iOS to get the word list to sync. If it still doesn't sync, post a screenshot to this thread, por favor.

Thanks for being awesome learners and using your word lists!!

P.S. We know of the "View" button covering up the total nr of words learned on mobile and are working on it;)

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