New conjugation table looks awful
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The new table that shows the different tenses of a verb is extremely bad, was it tested? Because I don't see many people preferring the new one to the old one.

It's hard to traverse. It takes much more time to find the things you're looking for. In the old list you could see all of the different conjugations next to each other, wich made it easier to compare.

Also, the new translation position and size is worse than before. Its basically right under the bar on top, Harder to read to than before.

I don't get what prompted these changes.

EDIT: Same thing with the numbers

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I find the new one easier to read on smaller screens.

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Perhaps it is, I don't use the app.

The app/desktop development should be split, because they're going to go in different paths and you shouldn't need to compromise.

Couldn't disagree more. This is one of the nice improvements the Lingvist team has made lately. This change, and fixing the textbox focus issue on mobile, have made the app version altogether better recently.

I also like that the infinitive of the verb is shown prominently, while it wasn't before.

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Again, what might look on mobile won't necessarily look good on a computer.

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Not only it looks bad, I can't even scroll to see the rest of the text.


I tried the mobile app and while the new table is fine there, it's not on desktop

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Still bugged and missing info, still impractical on desktop.


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Michael, I honestly never looked much at those tables (maybe I should have), but I get what you're talking about. If it before was all more visible and easy to compare, it was obviously a better experience for learning.

I am a very visual thinker and learner, so these kinds of things do affect me... I didn't like that they added a sidebar haha recently in the desktop version. I preferred a 100% clean screen with only the pile of cards in the middle. But I found it too much of a detail to complain. But in your case I find your comment very relevant. Also, I do think if Lingvist wants create the BEST learning experience in both desktop AND mobile, they should improve certain things in desktop acknowledging its greater space available. Space and visualization is a big deal if we're talking about an app for learning.

@william Michael wasn't mentioning the mobile app version, he specified the desktop version.

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