Swipe to the next card by hitting "Enter"

  • I usually fill in the word needed before reading the sentence properly. Therefore I have a minimum amount of time to read the sentence and check the grammar stuff at the bottom of the page (for example, verb bendings). Is it possible that by pressing enter, I would move onto the next question?

    If this already exists, could you guide me how to do it? 🙂

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey, I'm Jonn, one of the experience designers here at Lingvist.

    Interesting thread. The idea that we do not move straight on to the next card is something we have contemplated before and it's getting to a point were it would be really easy for us to test now.

    I'll add it to our task list 🙂 In the meantime, if you're using a keyboard, you can go back by simply pressing the back arrow (forward arrow reveals the answer of the current card, whilst up / down toggles the sentence translation on or off).

  • +1. I hate typing on a touch-screen, so I use the web version. I'm very keyboard-focused. I would love to be able to set it up, maybe as an option set by the user, to pause before moving on to the next screen, to consider the sentence, think about the grammar, drill myself on the spelling, and so on. I know I can go back, but that's an extra step and it requires me to use the touchpad.

  • Thanks, never thought about it! Would still like the implementation though 🙂

  • You can always move back to the previous card to re-read. On a phone, it's just swiping right

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