Lingvist's algorithm went crazy

  • I've been using lingvist for a few month. My initial level is intermediate, so the algorithm proposed me to learn intermediate word. I had a few interruptions in training (1-2 week or so). After such a interruption I had more then a 1000 words to repeat.

    But it seems almost impossible - I did 100-150 words every day but cant reduce amount 'words to repeat' less then 900

    Unexpectedly the algorithm suggested that I learn very simple words, like "10", "in", "night", "box", "list", "hight", "fact", "3", "price", "7", "number" etc. It's very strange.

    I stopped using lingvist and I'm very disappointed

  • Lingvist added me new words (simple) about one week. I tried to get through them all, but the linguist did not stop. And when Lingvist throw me such big chunk - I surrounded.

    I started from 1000 or so. Actually, my vocabulary isn't small, I but has some issues with writing words.

  • Cases like this were reported before by some users. It looks like Lingvist will throw at you the whole bunch of words for repeat, that you were able to skip at the beginning. It depends on the point of view, it may or may not be a bug. For the time being, none of the Lingvist people haven't responded to that. For sure, the amount you've got is unexpectedly overwhelming, though it should be possible to go through it. Does those simple words keep returning or Lingvist just adds new every day? Do you remember your word estimate after initial test?

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