How do you keep on track with your new language? Share here

  • works@Lingvist

    How do you keep on track with your language learning routine? This Reddit user has integrated their language plans into a bullet journal. And what a beautiful one 🌸


    Have got tricks of your own? Share below!

  • @Marina

    0_1499948963799_Screenshot 2017-07-13 13.27.12.png

    I have a daily reminder on Wunderlist to remind me to do Lingvist. My main goal is to be consistent for at least 3 months.

  • works@Lingvist

    I myself am experimenting with a feature, available with Google calendar on mobile: Goals.
    It is meant to help you hack your calendar, and apparently, it learns your habits.

    You can set up a goal, say, "learn German", tell Google Calendar how often you would like to be doing it, when you prefer it to take place and for how long. Google Calendar then finds time slots and automatically schedules it for you, leaving you only with an option to "just do it" ✔️


    It reminds you about the goals and then asks if you have completed them. You can defer on your goals, which should teach the Calendar to pick a better time. My experiment is currently ongoing.

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