Webapp: word list doesn't show all words learned

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    My English>German course is showing incomplete word list. I've learned a total of 555 words, but the word list only displays 8+1 words on two pages. Last update is from 6 days ago.
    The problem occurs on Chrome 59.0.3071.109 and Safari 10.1.1.

    Attaching screenshot:


  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @SMN, you've been assigned a special detective A. to look over your case. Can you please post a fresh screenshot of your Progress/Vocabulary page here, with the total word count in each? We need to understand if the words are missing only in the word list or in the Vocabulary graph as well. Many, many thanks!

    alt text

  • @Marina said in Webapp: word list doesn't show all words learned:

    Woohoo @dev_temp! Was just about to check with you. @SMN seems yours is the last open report of the incomplete word list. Would you confirm you are still missing words?

    17 days ago I counted "encountered words" three weeks back and got a total of 705 encountered words. Since then, I've done Lingvist daily and encountered 334 new words. Totaling 1039 words. Now my vocabulary list has a total of 663 words. So I'm missing at least 376 words.

    I haven't done 100 encountered words in one sitting though.

  • works@Lingvist

    Woohoo @dev_temp! Was just about to check with you. @SMN seems yours is the last open report of the incomplete word list. Would you confirm you are still missing words?

  • Finally got all the words in place (minus fast-tracked). Thanks!

    alt text

  • @SMM I assume those "over 100" don't help you either, right?

  • I have the same issue with my oldest words in the list being "13 days ago" despite doing Lingvist daily for a month.

  • works@Lingvist

    Thanks, @dev_temp, your file is under special investigation by our backend dev 😎

  • It's trickier to verify this with Android app, but it still reproduces:
    alt text
    What I can tell from this image:

    • the oldest word is history is 12 days old and I'm pretty sure I've been on this course for a much longer period of time;
    • as the issue is producible in web and Android version, the root cause is definitely in the back-end.

  • Vielen Dank @Marina, aber es geht leider nicht. Just to show you how hard I was trying to follow your advice:
    Also I did try to cache-bypassing refresh several times, but still got bubkes:
    Also I did have couple of "over 100" sessions after the Word list was introduces, but wanted to make sure that there were no "magic tweaks" to the system that changes the behavior. I have to conclude, that your system doesn't quite picky in accepting the offerings. It should be noted in release notes, that sacrificer must meet some specific purity and clarity of a mind requirements for offering to be accepted.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey guys, update!

    1. The word list should be downloading the previous history (but I've filed the sketch @dev_temp shared for another occasion sometime later);
    2. Please do an extensive learning session (at least 100 words) and refresh the word list to check results.

    I've done 100 words today and—godsallmighty—my word list seems to be back! It is the learning karma. It favors the brave 😂

    alt text

    @dev_temp try the ceremonial 100-words sacrifice and let us know what you observe.

  • @Kyle-Goetz, thanks for explanation. Now it checks out and makes sense. That word difference is probably the words you've skipped initially or the remainder of those (as Lingvist already showed a potion of them during your learning). It's an expected behavior according to this post:
    @Marina said in The Word List:

    The words you have fast-tracked through are currently not being displayed.

    I wonder if repeat count also makes sense for you now, as for me it starts from 1 after I repeat an "old" word.

  • 344 actually 🙂 To clarify, I mean I saw "the bug" but I don't see it anymore. In other words, it appears to work the way I think it's supposed to (show all words I've ever seen). Was only trying to tell the other two posters here that maybe the problem will resolve itself for them, too.

    Although techically 344 pages * 8 words/page = 2752 words, while the graph shows I have learned 2876 words. So maybe there is a bug?

  • @Kyle-Goetz my rough estimation tells that you should have about 250 word-pages in that list. Does it check out?

  • The first time I looked at my list a week or two ago, it only had words I'd seen that day. However, ever since then, it's had many more, looking like a list of every word I've encountered on LV.

    Just wanted to chime in since I saw this, too, but don't see it anymore.

  • I have exactly the same issue on Firefox 54, and I'm pretty sure it's browser agnostic. That is how it works right now. What the devs say, is it even supposed to import previous history? I have an impression of a traditional devs/management situation:

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