Get back in after long period of no learning.

  • Hey, I used the Lingvist App in January to prepare for my exam, but since then I have not used it very often. The problem is: Now I have 2500 words in my repeat stack and if I forget a word it isn't asked again right away but after a week, when I've already forgotten it. Is there a way to "go back" in the progress or just "delete" some words from the repeat stack and put them back into "new" words?

  • @philip-kreissel Oh, yeah. Turns out, I've even upvoted that post. My memory doesn't always serves me well, sorry 😞 It's not that I'm saying to completely ignore the number, but I believe system will balance itself eventually. An it should happen sooner than later, but one week is probably not enough for 2500 words. Still, your experience is valuable as, chances are, in the future more people will be facing this problem and it's good to know which approach works the best. So, fill free to stick around and share your thought along the way. Good luck with your learning!

  • Ok, I will trust the algorithm then and ignore the 2500 words repeat stack. I already posted my experiences with linguist during the exam preparation some time ago, you should find my post in my post history. Otherwise here is the text:

    "After one long year of hard work with no success of learning Spanish at my university I joined Lingvist and immediately improved my grades while attending less classes than ever before. You are the best. Keep up the good work!"

  • Hey @philip-kreissel, currently, there are no way to control, direct or give a hint to the Lingvist's algorithm. Basically, you have to options:

    • to start with a clean slate by registering a new account with another email or social media account. (There might be an option to remove your account completely, so you can you the same credentials once again, but I'm not sure if it still possible). This way you loose all your progress and would be able to skip some of the words you already know after initial test (the Lingvist will decide which one you skip, so no control there either);

    • to entrust the Lingvist's algorithm with your learning (the recommended approach). Lingivst people claim, that the algorithm is able to adopt and find the best way to learn words even after the long breaks, may be it just needs more time. It will decrease repeat intervals till you would be able to remember the words. Yes, the algorithm is not perfect, but it puts significantly less strain in the learner than algorithms that gives you ability to reset to ground zero (like Anki). I would suggest you to keep paddling till you be able to ride that wave.

    P.S. would you mind sharing if the app was helpful during the exam preparation?

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