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  • My daily learning session is often spread across multiple devices and it gives a LOT of problems, some of are already enlisted here, though I think I've encountered another interesting one. I've noticed, that the last displayed card is stored separately for every device I learn on. No matter what I do: app/browser restart, cache bypass refresh etc. - the card is stuck and I have to enter the answer even if it was already answered on another device. Though, if the card is a new word I have to "learn" it multiple times. It might be understandable technical difficulty, but it looks like Learned words counter on a progress page is incremented every time. Right now, it seems I've "learned" word "wuchs" for a second or third time and got +1 to learned words.

    Steps to reproduce (web app):

    1. check "learned words" value;
    2. conduct a learning session till you come across a new word (don't answer that);
    3. continue your session in another browser till you'll learn that new word;
    4. check "learned words" value (should be the first value +1);
    5. switch to the first browser and "learn" that word again (you can refresh the page before and after if you'd like to);
    6. check "learned words" value (should be the first value +1, but in my case it's +2).

    It's a simplified version of the scenario, Android app also could be added to the chain. Also, I've noticed there is some kind of data a refresh lag, when stats don't refresh immediately (especially on Android). It not just making learning experience more painful, but also may make this defect less verifiable, so it might take several attempts to reproduce. I guess it might be a reason, why different users report different word count till the end of the course.

    I wonder if anyone else observes such behavior, or it's just my sleep deprivation shows in such peculiar form 😄

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