Spanish — Compilation of listening exercises

  • This thread aims to be a compilation of useful (ie, good!) resources for spanish learners seeking to listen to more material (especially until this feature is incorporated in lingvist for spanish learners).
    I will add other links as I discover them, you're welcome to add your own.

    This is not a thread about untranslated resources, such as radio stations! — provides both audio and transcript in Spanish and English; various levels. Great all around. compilation of videos with transcripts in Spanish and English; option to download and go offline (good for travelling). Different accents. Awesome.


  • I find that listening while watching subtitles helps me a lot. I have been watching several Spanish shows on Netflix with both english and spanish subtitles. Destinos has been helpful too because they purposely speak slower and the narrator gives quizzes to make sure you are understanding correctly.


    Libros para ser leídos, escuchados mientras se leen, y descargados en formato Mp3. Cientos de archivos a su disposición, GRATIS, para uso exclusivamente personal. La página se actualiza casi diariamente con nuevas incorporaciones a nuestro catálogo.

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