Is the French course capped at 5000?

I'm approaching 5000 steadily and I was wondering if there is a 5000 cap or if that's just as far as the slider shows.

If this isn't the case, how many are there for French (And the others) and if this is, will there ever be plans to expand these in the future?

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Hi @Saoirse-A,

I'm Kärt, one of the creators of the French course. We currently have about 4800 words in the French course, and we want to reach 5000 soon. We'd like to expand the course even further, but as we have so much to do, it's not our first priority at the moment.

The English course has about 5100 words, while Russian and Spanish have less, at about 3000, but new words are created regularly. The aim is to have at least 5000 words in each course.

You will reach the end of the course once you run out of new words and have mastered all words from your repeat stack.

Bonne continuation !

Merci pour le reponse au moins :D

I was surprised to find out I had finished Russian already, after only a few weeks. I reached 2575 words. I think that the inital test might have placed me too far on, but on the other hand maybe the sentences I skipped really would have been too easy.

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I was wondering about that. Thank you for the explanation. For me, 5000 words should do very nicely. At 3500, I am reading books I had put away as too difficult

@Martha may i ask how long did it took you to finish that?

I have 6502 words according to my word count.

I just got the finished screen at 3846, so I'm guessing it's a bug?

@Kärt Could anyone clear this up? The course apparently had 4800 words in November, but I have finished with 3849 (three were added since yesterday). Do different users have different limits?


Hello @maksim!
The number is still the same, but as you are not a beginner in French you were positioned at about 1000 words, no? So you only could learn the 3849 words that were left. But the vocabulary view should add them together and show you the combined number. This might be a problem. Could you send me a screenshot to of your vocabulary view and of the view you get when under the vocabulary you click on 'View'. Please also send me the address you use for that account.
And thanks for reminding me! I really need to add at least 200 new words to the French course so that we would have at least 5000 in total.

@Kärt OK, I've emailed, thanks. The weird thing is, I never remember my word total being displayed as zero (or close to zero).

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I just reached the French limit with 5139 French words, but now I cannot continue to train myself with former words.
In fact, I must to wait some hours to see appear new words. It’s not useful, even if I reached the limit, I don’t mastered all of them.
The only thing you offer to me it’s to check my email or check the Milestones.
Can you do something for allow me to continue my training until the adding of new words ?


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@Maksim: it was indeed a problem on our side, but we have found out what caused it and it should be okay after the next update. I'll send you an email!
@Guillaume: This is a feature many people who have reached the end have asked, so we are currently developing it! But it's in its early stages so it'll take some time! In the meantime, just check in regularly and answer all words that come back and need repeating. And start reading something! Your English is very good, why not try it out!

@Kärt I got the completed screen at 4975 words, is that normal? since the gentleman above had over 5k? Is this a bug?

@yves157 I reached a maximum of 4809 using one email and 4717 with another. It varies. No idea why.


@yves157 the gentleman above was really referring to the English course that he completed in French. That's why he has more than 5000! The French as target should have about 4800 words so your result seems great! You have really reached the end, but I'm (and this time I really am) already adding new words, so come back to check regularly!

@carlosquintanillaa indeed, the difference is quite big. Could you send me the e-mail addresses you use for these two accounts so that I could investigate more thoroughly?

Sorry Kart. I underreported the number of words for the second email.

For carlos.quintanilla@ ... it was 4779
For carlosquintanillaa@ ... it was 4809

So it's only a 30-word difference.


Thank you, Carlos! We have added new words to the French course so try to learn them all and let's see what the results are then!!

@Kärt woops, i mean to say 4795 there. Glad to hear that more have been added already though :)

Thanks for your hard work, I love LV! Can't wait to be good enough in french to use it for German.


@yves157 Indeed, this number makes more sense :)
The French course should now have 4907 words.

We're really glad you like learning with us! Bonne continuation !

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