Is the French course capped at 5000?

  • I'm approaching 5000 steadily and I was wondering if there is a 5000 cap or if that's just as far as the slider shows.

    If this isn't the case, how many are there for French (And the others) and if this is, will there ever be plans to expand these in the future?

  • @annika_a there is no fanfare at the end of the course, but there is a greeting message. And you'll never get the badge if you would just wait for it. If you want one, you have to join the group manually and you'll get the badge even if you have 0 learned words. Great motivation indeed.

    Regarding Kärt's answer on word count, I guess there was not a lot of options for her, as due to crappy coding and other "peculiarities" that counter is drifting a bit on most of the accounts. It is possible to add even more crappy coding on top of that, but it not the top priority for Lingvist.

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    @michael Yup, I came here to ask this. It's annoying to have to dig around in forum posts (and pretty old ones at that) to figure out how much one has left.

    A staff member post above says not to concern ourselves with how many words a course has in total. But that's a pretty silly ask considering the whole measurable progress we make here is to do with how many words we learn, how many we have already covered, and how many we have left to get to 5,000. It's all about the number of words here!

    I also remember being pretty disappointed to not have any kind of fanfare when finishing the French course years ago. Now there seems to be some kind of Lingvist graduate badge at least here in the forums. But isn't that a bit of a moving target, as I don't seem to have it, and I don't know how many newly added words I'd have to learn to reach it?

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    Why not make the total word count available publicly?

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    Finsished 2017-08-21 with 5061. Thank you Kärt, for your work on this course!
    This has been the most efficient and engaging way to learn vocabulary because of the spaced repetition. Reading works, too, but if I have to stop and look up too many words it is hard to stick with it.

    What will it take to increase the word count to 10,000 or 20,000? Is it better to spend more time finding appropriate-level texts instead? Sometimes I would rather do this bite-sized training than sit down and read, though; what are some ways we can help?

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    @Leonardo-Makoto-Kawahara i just finished the course with 5069 words, it seems it increased in the last days which is good

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    Hi Kärt
    thanks for the fast response and for clarifying these points.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hello all!

    Please don't be too concerned about the number of total learned words at the end of the course. The older your account, the bigger the chance that the number is not correct – we had some structural changes a while ago and the data migration might have caused some problems in the numbers. Also, the placement test messed up the total words at some point. It works correctly now.

    I can assure you that there are currently 5054 words in the French from English course. All other numbers are incorrect. We'll try to fix this problem! Until then, just be happy you've reached the end and start reading a book or an article in French!

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    wonder why the total number of words are different from user to user. supposedly i have completed all the words, but it counts up to 5111.
    was i positionated on a "not beginner " level?

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    @Barry-Lagueux-Chapin Weird, I just finished with 5423 - a few less than you.

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    I was capped at 5436 words. Other people have posted their caps and report lower numbers than that. I like to practice 100 words per day but the program will not allow me to (under this profile), so I made a new profile and started over.

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    Just hit the end of the word limit, now it is 5054

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    Last response says total words is 4907, I am at 4940 and still receiving new words. Would be nice to have whatever the total word count is available and updated as the number changes.

  • works@Lingvist

    @yves157 Indeed, this number makes more sense 🙂
    The French course should now have 4907 words.

    We're really glad you like learning with us! Bonne continuation !

  • @Kärt woops, i mean to say 4795 there. Glad to hear that more have been added already though 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work, I love LV! Can't wait to be good enough in french to use it for German.

  • works@Lingvist

    Thank you, Carlos! We have added new words to the French course so try to learn them all and let's see what the results are then!!

  • Sorry Kart. I underreported the number of words for the second email.

    For carlos.quintanilla@ ... it was 4779
    For carlosquintanillaa@ ... it was 4809

    So it's only a 30-word difference.

  • works@Lingvist

    @yves157 the gentleman above was really referring to the English course that he completed in French. That's why he has more than 5000! The French as target should have about 4800 words so your result seems great! You have really reached the end, but I'm (and this time I really am) already adding new words, so come back to check regularly!

    @carlosquintanillaa indeed, the difference is quite big. Could you send me the e-mail addresses you use for these two accounts so that I could investigate more thoroughly?

  • @yves157 I reached a maximum of 4809 using one email and 4717 with another. It varies. No idea why.

  • @Kärt I got the completed screen at 4975 words, is that normal? since the gentleman above had over 5k? Is this a bug?

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