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Nudged by @Marina's thread of great Russian Rock and by the fact that (subjectively speaking) there have not been this many great German bands making awesome deutschsprachige Musik in a long time, I thought I would start a Deutsche Bands thread.

Music is an awesome way to assist your language learning endeavours. It can be used to memorise things easily (some of you may have learned your Dative prepositions to the tune of Strauss' An der schönen blauen Donau), it can be mined for vocab, or it can simply be a motivating and mood-enhancing way to dive into the desired language.

So, have any favourite German bands or songs? Share below!!

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I would really want to see some videos pop up here because my knowledge of the German-speaking music ends here:

One of my favs is Silbermond. Just went to their concert again Friday night. Check out their song Leichtes Gespäck (Lightweight luggage).

I can also recommend Lyrics Translate. They have translations of song lyrics in various languages. Try it out for the song above.

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Oh, I'm struggling not to post a list of my favorite NDH bands that do help a lot, though are too typical to share 😒. Here is a less know one with a nice ballade with lyrics from Die Lorelei by Heinrich Heine.

Also, there is a nice song to learn irregular verbs.

Haha, love the song about irregular verbs. Thanks for sharing. And the Loreley one is quite lyrical and probably more for the advanced learner but you can really practice the genitive with it ;) .
You are also welcome to post music by Rammstein or Hämatom or whoever you like :).

@Lisa-Lingvist Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Ich hab' über Hämatom nicht gewusst. Klingt gut bisher. 🙂

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P.S. Was "wissen von" more appropriate there?
Schwere Sprache...

@dev_temp I'd say 'Ich habe von Hämatom noch nicht gehört.' oder 'Ich kannte Hämaton bisher nicht.'

I'm happy with children's songs for now because I'm speaking German with my infant daughter. I'm less a fan of Rammstein :) But for now, Funkel, funkel kleiner Stern, ach wie bist du mir so fern!

During the World Cup I do enjoy a round of AUF GEHT'S DEUTSCHLAND, SCHIEẞT EIN TOR, though.

I will be following this discussion, though. When I was learning Japanese, Japanese music wasn't the most useful thing for me, but maybe with German it will be. Especially since I don't live in a German-speaking country.

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I just went to Max Giesinger's concert and wanted to suggest another song. Check out 80 Millionen.

I think he is a good artist to learn German with, as he doesn't sing too fast, uses high German and normal language.

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Sportfreunde Stiller - 54, 74, 90, 2010

A must-known song for every football fan. Not very accurate by the way, but the song was recorded way before the championship 2014 :) How is it possible to embedd YouTube-Videos by the way?

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@Michael-0 Yes, Sportfreunde Schiller is a must. Ein Kompliment in particular!

Die Prinzen - Das ist alles nur geklaut.

Entschuldigung das hab' ich mir erlaubt :) *wegduck*

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This is probably my favorite song I have found so far. I don't believe the band still exists, which is unfortunate, because I haven't been able to find anything that sounds quite like them.

I guess it's easier to show you the songs I like. :)

  • Clueso - Gewinner

  • Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová - Halt Dich an mir fest

  • Philipp Poisel - Ich will nur

  • Anastasia - Es war einmal im Dezember

  • EFF - Stimme

  • Philipp Poisel - Eiserner Steg
  • Joris - Herz über Kopf

  • Silbermond - Irgendwas bleibt

  • Curse feat. Silbermond - Bis zum Schluss

  • Silbermond - Symphonie

  • Christina Stürmer - Scherbenmeer

  • Echt - Du trägst keine Liebe in dir

  • Söhne Mannheims - Und Wenn Ein Lied

  • Unheilig - An deiner Seite

So.. I thinkt that's enough. Have fun listening to them!

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