Language Game: how many languages can you guess?

Hey polyglots and gamers,

Came across a fun little language game on the Internets yesterday. Created by Lars Yencken, a language lover and ex-researcher living in Stockholm, the aim of the game is to teach us, folks, to hear the difference between different languages.

And if, after the end of the game, you would like to know which languages are being confused the most, Lars wrote a blog post about it.


There are 78 languages in this data set, and there is a group of 5 with the lowest accuracy level.

The game is fun and runs quick, as you only have 3 lives.

Do share your score below. ⬇️

That's a fun one. Two runs and both 400 points (though data is randomly chose, so there is a lot of luck in the final score). I haven't had a remotest idea how some of those languages sound like, for instance Javanese or Tamil. Now I wander how good a real language person could handle that task.

I played 3 times, 450 was my best score. 😁 Lady Luck favoured me big time.

Lady Luck

I played about 5 times :D 450 was my best score, too :P

5 essais -> 650 pts maximum.

@Marina I guess the biggest "secret" is learning a language in different language groups. For example, having studied Swedish (second official language in Finland) in school, I can understand all other Scandinavian languages a bit and I can distinguish between them easily. Other thing was that I just traveled from Czech republic to Estonia by bus and making stops and learning a few basic words. Before I would not have had a clue what Polish sounds like, or tell the difference between Slavic languages, except Russian. Telling the difference between Tamil, Urdu and Bengali is just a matter of luck and learning while playing the game :D

@Marina waiting a good series with english, french, russian, polish, japanese, chinese, cantonese, vietnamese, portuguese, spannish, wich I know how they sound like. ))
I find this game fun, thank you, Marina !

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500 on the first run. now i'm off practicing :)

3 times. The highest result 950. I was learning Lithuanian, Chinese, Mandarin, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and also lived among Polish, Ukrainian, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic people, watched Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Tamil, Hindi, Korean, Danish, German, French movies, listened to Khmer, Mongol, Kazakh music, so it must have been a great help.

@Sibilis-Afk you and @Salla-Kälkäinen are leading this game. You guys are true #polyglots 🤘 When you see a new word on Lingvist, you probably are like "This sounds like something in between the Khmer word for 'chair' and the Japanese word for 'ocean'".

sadly the game no longer exists online

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