Imperfective / Perfective pairs in help


As an option, I would be glad to see the Imperfective or perfective aspect of the current verb. i.e. ; hilighting the current verb in the table on the side to his pair.

I also struggle a lot with this aspect of the russian language and any help on this topic would be great :)

I don't really get how the tables are supposed to work. Is it possible to look at them for more than a second? I think this extra info should be as simple as possible - just the nominative singular of a noun, or the infinitive of a verb.

@maksim The tables are very efficient in their actual version IMHO, even the sing./pl. tab and the other signification tab. I would also like an extension to view the reflexive forms and another to navigate to each word of the phrase !
And I agree with you, it may allow to concentrate on the actual topic as a general option in the preferences…
…or a «back on track» red button that grows and grows up (yes, that's a joke) x)

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