Can't find the swift cards / language test

  • Hi, I just started using the app and I wanted to change my level because I am not a begginer. I searched on the app and it said that after the 12 first cards the would offer me swift cards that wil evaluate my level. The thing is I can't find the swift cards so I am stuck on 1 level. Can you please help me? Thank you!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi, @chahra, we've checked your answers and it seems that you missed the eligibility level by a few points. This is why you were not offered any language placement test - the algorithm calculated that based on your mistakes, it would make sense to repeat those words with you.

    Like @dev_temp has mentioned above, we can reset your account if you think you could do better. I, too, would be very interested to see how your second test would go. Shall we go ahead?

  • @chahra the FAQ indeed describes placement test process that way, though from my experience there is not special cards or special test, based on the first 12 responses systems tries to deduce your level and then it just gives you the cards from that level. There is no huge dialog with the result or anything like that, and there is no way you can switch a level on your own. The accuracy of that initial test was questioned by users numerous times, but currently there is no reliable way to address the issue. Officially Lingvist offers an option of account resetting upon request, that will allow you to go through those 12 words again in hope you'll get better results next time. In fact, you can achieve the same result by logging with another email or social network account. That's all you can do at the moment. Feel free to leave a feed back after your second try, it may nudge Lingvist people to reconsider their approach.

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