Why use, not used? and why so many verbs and auxiliary words?
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I think the author was going to use grammatical construction "was/were to do something", so it should be "was to use her insurance".

@Павел-Ермаков"The least she can do is…" is an idiom meaning "She must, at least…". In the past tense, "She had to, at least… " The verbs which follow are infinitives, just as they would be in Russian, that's why 'use' is not conjugated.

@dev_temp 'To' is only optional in this sentence. It has to do with 'could', being a modal verb. Whether it's officially correct, I don't know, but cf. the song "All I could do was cry". The construction in the link is something different. e.g. "She was to use…" means "She eventually used".

How is it translated into Russian, by the way?

@maksim всё что могла она сделать, это возместить ущерб по страховке

@maksim thanks, Maksim for the detailed answer! I realised that I need to learn idioms.

This is a rather complicated sentence, but Maksim has explained it very well!

@Павел-Ермаков said in grammar:

@maksim всё что могла она сделать, это возместить ущерб по страховке

Well that's a bad match for the English sentence. If I were to translate that back into English, I would say this has the opposite meaning: "The most" she could do was…" or "All she could do was…"

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Thanks again for the sharp observation, Maksim! We're working on an update for that sentence.

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