Polish - coming soon?

  • I really love your learning method, and am trying to improve my fluency in Polish. Let me know if it's being developed - the internet really needs a good course for it that (like you do) actually delves deep into the grammar!

  • Duolingo Polish is decent, but I would only recommend it to someone who already knows another slavic language to some degree. Because there are no 'tips and hints' on the course, I would not have understood the grammar without already knowing Russian grammar. The same would go for a prospective Lingvist Polish course.

  • @Gosia Lucyk Good!

  • works@Lingvist

    Super, wielkie dzięki, Gosiu!

    Speaking of Polish songs, sharing one from my playlist:

    As for Polish language resources, I noticed that Duolingo, Busuu and Memrise offer Polish courses. The online legend of online learning site "Fluent in Three Months" features a guest article referencing Real Polish. If anyone has learned with any of those resources, would be great to hear your review.

    If you fancy watching some films in Polish, my picks from the most recent Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn (both films are about Polish artists):

    Powidoki by Andrzej Wajda
    Ostatnia Rodzina by Jan P. Matuszyński

  • Try


    They have some good videos and start listening to music on youtube just to get yourself familiar with the sounds... Wszystkiego najlepszego w uczneniu sie Polskiego. Gosia

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @Sam-Woodman!

    Przykro mi
    Polish is one language I (personally) am thrilled about, but at the moment it is not on our roadmap:(. If you find any good resources for learning Polish, post them here. It'd be great to put together a small library for others, interested in Polish.


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