Web-app: when does a new day begin?

Hey guys, I'm in the GMT+7 time zone and it seems the web app still thinks the new day still hasn't begun (it shows me the yesterday's stats), although it's 9:55 a.m. here. I looked in my profile settings but couldn't find any field for specifying my time zone.

FWIW I'm in GMT-5 and it seems to roll over at midnight for me. (Could possibly roll over at 1 or 2 but I think it does roll over at 0)

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Hey guys, normally, the day change should happen at 3 AM, based on your local time. If you are still actively learning at that time, the day change will take place 30 minutes after your session ends. @Yanis-Batura, what's happening to you seems off. While we are checking your account, could you confirm your computer is running a local time zone?

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It is 20:49 now. I thing a new day begin is 00:00.

Haha @Marina I think the time in my life has passed where I could test the 3am thing :) Unless in the middle of feeding my daughter some milk in the middle of the night I get crazy and decide to study some German!

@Marina Sorry, I thought nobody'd yet answered me here, because I received no email notifications (although I'm subscribed to this topic).
1.5 days after I started learning, the stats got finally updated. I'll keep an eye on their behavior and let you know if something strange happens again :)

Hey @Yanis-Batura, let's make sure you have enabled notifications sent to your email:

settings/email/send me notifications when someone responds to a thread I am following

Thank you @Marina, didn't know email notifications were disabled by default.

You helped us realize that they are and we are working with NodeBB (our forum software provider) to see how we can enable them by default. Thanks for starting this conversation!

Aaaand, done! Thanks for raising the issue, @Yanis-Batura;)

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