How do I use Lingvist?

  • Hello to everybody.
    I am a new learner, I speak Spanish and I trying to learn English. Someone can tell me HOW CAN I USE THIS METHOD MORE EFFICIENTLY? Because until now, I only repeat over and over "Memorizar". Anybody can tell me one methodology or suggestion? because I'm lost, I do not think it's this working.
    I will be forever grateful.
    P.D: This was wrote with the help of the Google traslator. For now he's my best friend! Hahahahaha!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Reinaldox, great to hear from you here and welcome to Lingvist:)

    What you have been doing is correct! We teach you the most frequently spoken words. The way you learn them is by doing cards. The app adapts to your mistakes and shows you those cards, where you make more mistakes more often (and those, which are easier for you - less). Based on your answers for each word in the course, the algorithm calculates your optimal time for repeating each word.

    To get the most out of Lingvist, we suggest doing as many cards as possible on the first day, and then making a regular habit of doing some learning every day—50 cards at least, more if you can. If you're reading this and its not your first day, pretend it is! Challenge yourself to do as many as you can today, and then take it easier in the days to come.

    To support your learning even when you are not on Lingvist, switch your phone and computer to English. We also recommend cooking shows in English to nurture you physically and mentally! 🙂 And we can suggest a few!

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