New Levels and Milestones rolling out to iOS learners

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    Hey guys,

    As of the next week, we start rolling out new levels and milestone notifications on iOS, which were previously available to a limited number of randomly selected users only (Android will follow suit but weeks later).


    Our courses are broken down into bite-sized levels of 100 words, which help you to advance through your learning.
    You can see the level you are currently on under your Account information. You cannot skip levels during your learning cycle, but you can be fast-tracked to a further level in the course based on your language proficiency test results (those levels will have a small dot next to them).

    0_1502983568598_Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 17.27.55.png


    Milestones are a set of notifications, which guide you to achieving either of the 3 preset daily goals (those of you who are learning with the desktop app are already familiar with these milestones):

    • complete 100 cards
    • add 20 new words to your vocabulary
    • answer 80% of the repeat words correctly

    mobile milestones

    The three preset milestones have already collected great feedback after the feature was released on our desktop app. If you have anything to add to the discussion about the milestones, please post it here - there are great points made by other learners worth your attention!

    Thanks for learning with us 😉

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