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A family summer holiday to the Alps with in-laws (a subtle yet permeating detail that the author depicted through screaming seagulls and the eternal icy mountain tops).


@Marina Haha, do you have some negative in-laws experience Marina ;-) ?


No! But the image is so idyllic, that there's got to be something creating suspense. Since it looks like a family holiday (we'd see a lot fewer flowers and some bikes on top if it were a youth road trip), it has to be about something relating to the family. My eyes were drawn to the seagulls - I live by the sea. They could be a metaphor for children, but children are the centrepiece of a family, so the author would bring them to the forefront. This only left me with one interpretation - seagulls are the metaphor for the in-laws. And the icy mountain tops are hinting on a sudden change in the plot, #davidlynch style.


I think it's interesting how the windows of those vehicles seem so colorless and mysterious in comparison to the bright surroundings. Somehow this picture reminds me of the Miyazaki animation Spirited Away...and I think those seagulls are after those flower = spirits.

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Caravan trip (Brit/Aus/NZ only)

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During summer holidays, I drove my SUV, dragging the camping car, with my family to camp in the country side with plenty of beautiful mountains and flowers.

@marina said in Choose correct word describes this picture:

A family summer holiday to the Alps with in-laws
Hi there!
A family summer holiday to the Alps with in-laws, quality of course is not very, try to fix it using Photoshop сс 2017
And how to use it can be read here:

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