Repetition stops before the end of the repeat stack

In my russian course, I started noticing I get less old words to repeat (too little, compared to how much there used to be), but when it starts throwing new words at me, the 'repeat stack' still shows 17 or 19 cards. It bothers me that I can't reach them! I'm also doing the german course, but don't have such a problem.

I get it with German. I'm guessing it's an AI thing. I prefer getting a few before the repeat stack is done because it's similar to Anki (which actually will mix new and old completely), which I used for years before Lingvist.

In Anki you have different options: show new first, mix, show new last. In case of Lingvist, it's usually just crappy coding thing, when back end and front end go out of sync. There are multiple places where goes wrong every now and again. Would be nice to hear from devs though.


Hey @Hana-Zakaj, @Kyle-Goetz, thanks for raising the issue. Just to make sure we have outlined the problem correctly, would you confirm the statement below is true?

The app shows you new words, despite the fact that your repeat stack hasn't been emptied.

If so, would you please let us know:

  • which platform are you on (native iOS, native Android, mobile browser, desktop browser);
  • are you using Lingvist on multiple devices
  • have you noticed any pattern behind this occurrence (e.g. the app gives you new words every time you reach 17 words in your repeat stack)?


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I have the same problem with my English-to-Spanish course. I use the desktop browser, but no other platforms. I have the iOS app installed though and look sometimes how many words are around in my repeat stack. I didn't use Lingvist on multiple devices and yes, I did notice a pattern. It started to give me new words at I think around 50 words left and I think it was always the same number. It increased over time, currently it is 82 or 83 cards.

I have another strange problem in my German-to-English course which may be related. The course is finished and it is permanently indicating a repeat stack of one, even though it continues showing cards to be repeated whenever I go through it.

@Marina yes, that's correct. For example, I did 100 cards this morning. My repeat stack was at least 90. I think 91 was the exact number. That would leave 9 spaces for new cards assuming I got zero cards repeated. After doing 100, my repeat stack says 16. I definitely had to repeat plenty today because I only got 60-something % correct.

I got 5 new words today according to the sidebar (although one was the first card as a roll over from yesterday, but the other 4 happened around 80 completed cards).

I'm on desktop browser. I almost use it exclusively. A couple times the past week I've used Android Lingvist app, but this has happened way more than those two times. I haven't noticed a pattern that specific, but haven't looked. But it seems that when I get my repeat stack down close to 20-ish (no specific number, just generally have noticed that it's happening only when the stack is relatively small).

I prefer it this way, personally, but your AI data will say whether it's more productive. It does make the days more tolerable when I have repeat stacks close to the same number of cards I plan to study (I always limit myself to 100 cards due to personal time constraints). Seeing I have 90+ in my repeat stack and knowing I won't learn any new words makes it hard to slog through 100 cards. Knowing I might learn even five new words makes it more tolerable, although that first fifty cards is still really, really boring ;)

@Marina The statement is correct. I'm only using desktop browser on one device (a computer). This time, the repeat stack froze at 20, the number used to be smaller (was 4 for some time, then grew to about 10, then 17, 19 ...) That's what it looks like.

Thanks for being responsive! I've been using the site for quite a while and it's done wonders for me.


Thanks, guys! We are investigating what may be the cause.
It's a pleasure to be running this investigation with you 😎

The app shows me new words, despite the fact that my repeat stack hasn't been emptied. I use MacOS. The browser is Google Chrome.

The app gives you new words every time I reach ca 15 words in my repeat stack.

I also got new words when 16 words are in the stack.

@Alexander-Hansson How did you get the sidebar to stay in the screenshot? On MacOS for me, when I hit the keyboard chord to create a screenshot, the sidebar vanishes too quickly. This would be really useful because I'm occasionally reporting bugs.

@Kyle-Goetz I'm using Windows, so I can't really help you.

I will tell you how it is done.

First, open the sidebar. Then open another window, for example a "Finder" window. Minimize it and make sure that Chrome isn't chosen after that. Then make the screenshot with "Shift + cmd + 4". Good luck. ;)

Now, the app shows me new words, despite the fact that my repeat stack hasn't been emptied when I have ca 24 words in the stack. I use MacOS. The browser is Google Chrome. Lingvist, please help me out.


Thanks you for the screenshot and the update to the matter.

I have asked our developers to take a look on your account statistics.

The screenshot is clearly showing that we have something to fix :).

Bug - FE-989

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I may have an interesting update to this...
I was on travel for a few days, so I used the app instead of the browser, which I normally never do as it is too inconvenient. Strangely, I was able to get down to 0 words to repeat in the app and everything worked as expected. Now I returned and the app and the browser show me different numbers of cards to repeat, the difference is 43 cards. I reloaded the app and the browser several times.
There's something really broken about here.

Today I had 150+ cards in my review stack when I got on. The past few weeks I've never had more than 90-ish. I don't know if it's related, but it jumped out at me (I always check my repeat stack before answering cards so I know how long it will be before I get new cards that day) because it's an extreme outlier lately. I think since dropping down to a target of 100 cards a day, I've never had a review stack more than 110 ever, and lately I've been getting 70+% most days, so I wouldn't expect the stack to be packed with recently wrong cards. Although today I did get only 64% correct.

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Would it be possible that you delete the caches for my account or something like this? Since I started using the browser again everything is kind of completely broken. The app and different browser sync completely randomly, I keep getting the same cards multiples times, new cards which were introduced appear again as new cards and I get for whatever reason a stack of 40 new cards on one single run without repeating them in between. In the current state it is not really usable anymore.

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Mine has been going a little crazy the past few days. On Friday I had the issue that I had gotten my repeat stack down to 0 and it just wouldn't give me any new cards (I submitted a bug report about this). Then it worked fine for a few days. Then yesterday I got through my repeat stack and it gave me new cards, but then it gave me nothing but new cards even though my repeat stack was rising again. And today I'm having the same problem as Friday (repeat stack at 0 but no new cards).


We have finished initial investigations.

We see that there's a clear bug on our side.

We are working on figuring out a cure for ths issue.

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