I have learned US English courses since 8/5. There are merely less than 700 new vocabularies
I learned shown on the learning progress chart. However, Lingvist app told me I have finished
5364 vocabularies in two weeks. I doubt how I can complete this course in two weeks. It has exceeded my capability and imagination.

Hi @CJ-Lin,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

This could be related to the result of your fast tracking. If you had already had a considerable amount of vocabulary under your belt when you started the course, you might have gotten fast-tracked to a much later point of the US English course, e.g. 4600. Therefore it would seem like you've finished 5364 words when you've only done 700 cards.

Would you mind providing the following details so we can conduct an investigation for you?

  • Your account (email, FB or Gmail)
  • Platform (Android, iOS, or webapp)
  • Environment (e.g. Android 7.0, iOS 10.3.3, chrome 60.0.3112.101 ...etc)
  • Device (ASUS, Samsung, iPhone...etc)
  • Screenshot of the stats

You can do so by messaging me through the chat button, or email to hello@lingvist.io

Thanks again and have a nice day!

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