Ease of use issue - keyboard reappearance would be nice!

  • This is a really clever app and I find it satisfying that I'm learning relevant language. However, if you use this app a lot one thing will very quickly become frustrating-whenever you make a mistake and a grammar tip pops up in the bottom of the screen, hitting the cross button doesn't then bring up the keyboard! There is grey space there which isn't needed. There is no reason not to have the keyboard reappear. You have to click the word box itself, which, given how most people hold a phone, is really hard to reach and inconvenient. A small issue but so constant it drives me up the wall. Please fix this soon - it is so easy to do. Just watch someone use the app for 5 mins and the problem can be see.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Tabitha, thanks for reaching out! Thanks for drawing our attention to this issue, and sorry for the annoyance!

    This is a bug that we had actually remedied some time ago but it looks like it may have somehow reappeared on the most recent update.

    The issue will be fixed in the forthcoming release, along with the release of some other cool stuff. Thanks again for your comments and help ๐Ÿ™‚

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