Hello! I get to the point where my repeat stack is empty (0), but I get no new words. Instead it just gives me more old words to repeat. I tried logging out and reinstalling the app, but still no new words. Does anyone knows what the issue might be?

How many words have you learned? If a few thousand, you've likely gotten to the end of the course and can only review words now.

2187, I thought there supposed to be 5000?

Not (yet) on all courses. The 'finished course' info screen seems to be broken at the moment, so the only indication I get when the repeat stack empties and no new cards are available is the last answered card freezes and no audio plays.

Nothing freezes and audio work. I am doing German.

EN>DE has 3966 words according to my account, so it must be a bug

@jet-engine I checked your account and it does look like a bug. You have learned 2116 words and, as @maksim said, there are nearly 4k in the course. It may have had to do with an experiment your were part of in mid August and stats show that you have not gotten new cards since Aug 15th. I will check on this tomorrow and get back to you asap.

I did get new words today and yesterday. Thanks!

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