Dear Lingvist,

What if I want to updates my account and start learning from scratch or delete account ? Is it possible to add this new functionality ? I am asking, because it looks strange if I want to start from scratch then need to create new account ...

Thanks in advance.

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@Artem-Mosolov they know, they don't care are a small startup with scarce resources, so they are focused on more important things. Although, if you are absolutely sure you can't live without resetting your progress, they are ready to help you personally, 'cause they are a small startup and they are open to direct interaction.

Hi @Artem-Mosolov, we can reset your account manually, as @dev_temp mentioned. Do I have your "go-ahead"?

We are aware of the need to reset courses/accounts, but it is technically very difficult to organize because of the way our courses are built. And sadly for us, instead of not caring we care quite a bit.

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