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  • Hi,
    I am really enjoying learning French with Lingvist and am at 1821 words, but suddenly, yesterday, a notification popped up congratulating me and suggesting that I had finished the entire French course (which I gather must be an error as I understand that there are >4000 words required to complete the French course). I am now not getting any new words to learn and am stuck at level 19 of 51 revising words I have previously been exposed to.

  • Yes, the bug is that the app thinks I have "finished the whole course" half-way through, so unless the developer knows how to fix it, I shall be doing a lot of revision. By the time I get through these >1700 cards in the stack over several weeks, I will see what happens. If there is still an unresolved bug, I might end up in a loop where there are still no new words as the app may continue to believe that I have finished the course at this point and keep putting cards on the repeat stack. Oh well, c'est la vie!

  • @Fiona as you have 1771 you wouldn't get to new words until you past that number. I hate to break it down to you, but getting "you have finished the course" in the middle of the course is definitely a bug, but everything else could be "by design":

    • it's normal not to get new words till repeat stack is not empty.
    • repeat stack could spike suddenly, and it's just how it is.

    I doubt it helps, but it may shed some light.

  • Dear Marina,

    Thanks - I have attached screenshots. You can see that I am only on level 19 of 51, but the app believes that I have finished the course, so today you can see that out of 101 cards, I had no new words. In contrast, on 28/08/17, I had 24 new words, and on 27/08/17, I had 76 new words.

    I don't mind revising old cards, but I don't seem able to learn any new words now as the program says I have 1771 words to repeat.

    Thanks for looking into this as I so enjoy using the app on my iPhone.

    Best wishes,

    2_1503994514519_IMG_0470.PNG 1_1503994514519_IMG_0469.PNG 0_1503994514518_IMG_0468.PNG

  • works@Lingvist

    Ouch, @Fiona, sorry about that. It's an embarrassing bug. Would you describe or share a screenshot what do you see when you are stuck? Does the app keep showing you the end notification all the time, or are you forever reviewing those 51 repeats?

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