There should be a way to remove certain tenses from practice

  • I feel like it would be beneficial to let us have the option to filter what tenses are shown to us in the card deck. Sometimes if I want to leave a tense until later I feel like i should be able to turn it off. I understand that it's good to mix them up to help improve your understanding of them but I still would like to see this feature.

  • I think that nathan0 has a good point. Lingvist seems to be trained using written language, whereas some users may primarily be interested in the spoken language. In German the preterite is used a lot in writing but not much (except for a few verbs) in speaking. I found that Lingvist forced me to learn a lot of preterite forms of German verbs that are not very useful to me.

  • @nathan0 this is a very helpful feature here. I will tell my friends at Lingvist of your troubles but in order to learn more words you have to struggle

  • It's mainly past preterite irregular ones which seem to pop up a lot and getting them wrong makes me lose interest so I would like to be able to reduce the amount that I see them.

    I completely understand that they might be common but I'd rather leave them to the side for a while and pick them up in a bit.


  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @nathan0, at the moment, we are teaching you words according to their frequency, so if a certain form of a word is very frequent, we would like you to be able to recognize it (as it will likely be used in media). Perhaps you could talk more about the type of tenses you are struggling with, so our linguists could look into it and see how we could teach you popular words AND enhance your grammar acquisition?

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