Our Spanish course is about to be updated!!


Great news if you're already learning or interested in learning Spanish with Lingvist. The Spanish from English course is about to get a bit bigger!

This means more words and more practice for you to use in your small habits and milestones!

The new additions to the Spanish course will be released next week, so watch this space for updates once they're on your Lingvist app.

Haven't tried our Spanish from English course yet? Get started today and let us know how you progress!

¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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I only got one new word after this, is that correct? My total word count is 3774 and im told i have practised all the words of the course.

Thank you all for the course by the way I love it :)


Thanks for contacting Lingvist and you kind words!

Exactly, that's the number of words we've added so far! However, there is another update in the making so, please, stay tuned! ;-)

¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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