When do I start seeing new words?

  • I've been practicing the used words for what seems like the last 100 of them. Do I get new cards on the next day?

  • @Marina ohk, thankyou.

  • works@Lingvist

    @M-Arshman-Naveed, sorry about that, this is an issue of cross-device synchronization, which we are aware of as well, but it is a more difficult one to solve. I can see that you've been switching between the app and a web browser during these days. I would suggest continuing learning with one of them for now, and if you have to switch between devices leave a few hours in between (this week will still be troublesome, as we are working on weeding out the bugs).

    Appreciate you learning with us despite the trouble.

  • @Marina Hey, thanks for answering! I've been using Anki for a considerable time so I'm actually familiar with spaced repetition. The things is, the new words that you see on my third day are the ones I accessed from the website. The app didn't show them. I went back to using the app after 11 words and didn't see them there. I uninstall and reinstalled the app and saw the 11 new words in the app but no newer ones again. So I'm back to the same problem.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @M-Arshman-Naveed, I checked your stats and while there may be a mistake in the way you see your own repeat stack (we are currently having synchronization errors, so you might see zero even when your repeat stack is actually larger), it seems that there is no error with you seeing repeats on the 3rd day of your learning.

    I can see that during the first 2 days, your correctness level was 83% and 87% respectively, which contributed to the formation of your repeat stack for the third day. Our app follows the spaced repetition regimen, which is showing you new or repeat words based on your previous history and when it is optimal for you to see it.

    Have a look at this post and a video we are featuring to learn more about the nature of optimal repeats. I cannot see you stats for today yet, but given you've reached 98% accuracy, you are very likely to see new words very, very soon.

    Sorry about the stats display problem. Our engineers are fixing the issue as we speak.

  • @devnull I have a 98% accuracy rate. I just checked, I get new words in the browser version but not in the app. And the browser version isn't updated with the amount of cards I've reviewed in the app. How do I fix this?

  • Are you getting at least 80% of the repeat cards right? I think maybe the app doesn't want to overwhelm you at first?

  • Forreal guys, it's been two days and I get the same cards over and over again even when the stats say I have no more cards to revise. Would appreciate some help.

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