When do I start to see reading and listening exercises for French?

  • I've been taking the French course here for over a week, learning at least 100 words a day most of the time, and yet I still haven't seen any reading and listening exercises. Did something happen to this feature, or do I need to learn more words before I see these exercises?

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey guys, here's an official statement about Reading and Listening sections.

    We discontinued the Read and Listen sections since April 2017, because it didn't fit our internal standards. We understand the importance of training your reading and listening skills and are taking time to bring you a better solution. In the meantime, we encourage you to work with the Learn module to build vocabulary.

    If any of you feel a strong need to train reading and listening while we are developing a better solution for you, consult our Stacks folder, where learners are sharing their favourite 3-rd party resources.

  • @devnull Hey, If you ever get access to the other sections, let me know how. Or just post it here.

  • @Félix eh.. je ne comprends pas...

    Just kidding. 33% of the French, according to the app 🙂

  • 33% of my message in English or my message in french ? Or both !

  • I saw another post by one of the developers that said they'd discontinued the other two sections.

  • @Félix wow, that app is right, I do only understand 33% of what you are saying right now..

  • Les exercices de compréhension orale et écrite sont disponibles sur la version web de l'app mais pas sur l'application. Et ils ne sont pas proposés automatiquement.

    In case you don't understand french :
    The listening and reading exercises are only available on the web version of lingvist, but not in the android/ios app. And they aren't proposed automatically. You work on them when you want

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