Pedantic mode for accents

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    Suggestion: a toggle-able pedantic mode for accents.

    Current: the word is côté, I type cote (or, I assume, any combination of the accented versions of those letters that occur in the language's alphabet) and am marked correct "correct".

    Proposed: with pedantic mode on -- the word is côté, I must type exactly côté to be marked correct.

    I want this because the words can have significantly different meaning without the accents and if I am to invest my time in learning vocabulary I want to learn to fully, accents included.


  • I'd also appreciate a pedantic mode. Entering accents is a bit of a chore (even with the "shift-up" hotkey), however...

    I like Apple's way of doing it, to hold down a letter to expose the menu to enter accented characters, but I realise that's not available for everyone...

  • @Henning-Kockerbeck The problem for me is that the strokes are too broad for French, like currently I remember cote, coté, côte and côté all as c[oô]t[ée]. To me it feels like broad strokes at a word level, in general, are too broad, to me it feels like saying j is similar to g therefore james is the same as games.

    I definitely agree with Kyle though, it should be a choice, we really don't want to stop people using the app and I suppose in some languages accents are less important.

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    Not sure how it would work out with the science behind Lingvist's teaching methods, but it seems worth considering to me to have a switch in a word's "learning life cycle". In the beginning, one needs to learn the word in broad strokes, with no specific attention to accents and the like. Once the user has repeated the word successfully a certain number of times, it could switch to "pendantic mode" to teach the delicacies, so to speak.

  • If this change is implemented, please don't make it mandatory - I am currently enjoying being lazy on my umlauts and capitalization because I often do my cards nowadays with one hand while I hold my daughter in the other, so typing umlauts and capitalizing letters has gotten much harder! I am still saying the words in my head correctly - just have a hard time typing German one-handedly!

  • @carlos.quintanilla I would prefer no credit because then there are less assumptions when estimating word/sentence understanding.
    eg - does getting a word partially correct mean you know 75% of the word? 80%?

    Also, partial credit is likely significantly more effort to implement.

    Though a partial credit mode does make sense as a default mode because I guess, considering that Lingvist is a growing company, that they want as few barriers to entry as possible. If they mark people wrong on accents when they first start (these people might not even know how to type them yet) they'll probably lose some amount of user retention which is really bad.

    But I'm guessing! We'll have to see what they think!

  • Lingvist graduate

    I second this suggestion. You could get no credit at all or partial credit when you miss an accent.

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