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    I've been experiencing various problems on Lingvist on iPhone recently, which I reported to Lingvist (on Lingvist German from English, my "level" keeps going back and appearing as on level 1 even as I progress through the cards, but it doesn't affect what cards I get so it is just annoying rather than anything.)

    I also get a congratulations pop up when I have done only 5 cards out of my 70+ repeat stack saying I have got 80% correct?

    Anyway today I have a new bug. I have done almost 200 cards today but for some reason my progress is now showing as 0. I had done 5 cards before I noticed this and my progress has already reset to 0 again! Luckily it doesn't look as though my number of words learned has gone down. Edit: just looked again and it's definitely dropped about 50 words off of my number of words learned. 😞

    I hope that the bugs get fixed because there are quite a lot now.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't make any difference. I only get this with German from English. I have been using French from English for ages, I have nearly finished and have never had a problem with it.

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    Thank you!

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    Hey guys, thanks for starting this thread and apologies!

    We are currently experiencing troubles with synchronization, which means you get to see your stats a lot (like, a day) later than when you have done the cards. Luckily, it does not affect your learning, meaning that your repeat stacks and learning events are still registered properly, but visually the data is not presented to you on time.

    Our engineers are working on it as we speak. Be assured that you can keep learning at your regular pace.

  • I just had my progress for the day wiped, too, after about 100 cards!
    And according to my history, I only did 20 words yesterday - which isn't true, I did about 100 cards then, too. I am using firefox for Lingvist. The only indication of what I had done is that it DID open on the card I had ended on.

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    It just did it again - I just did 100 cards and it has deleted everything I have done and saying I am on 0 for the day. It has also reset my total words learnt to 1356.

    Please fix this, the app is totally unusable if this is happening.

  • I'm experiencing this too with the French course

  • I've also experienced this same issue when learning Spanish, both with the desktop app and the android app. Bummer!

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    Also, the first two bugs seemed to only happen on the phone app, but I first noticed my progress was wiped on the desktop site, not the app.

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