Read & Listen Farewell

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    This is post is addressed to learners, who registered an account with Lingvist before April 3rd, 2017.

    As our old-time learners, you got to enjoy access to our Read and Listen sections, which were available on the web app. As you have noticed, we have gradually discontinued support of both sections since last November, first losing them on the native apps, and then disabling them for newly created accounts. The reason being:

    1. we were not satisfied with the quality of these third-party materials;
    2. we wanted to bring you reading and listening exercises, which would work in tune with the main Learn section.

    We have come closer to bringing you a brand-new section, which will be training your reading and listening skills (at first in English, and then in other languages) - stay tuned for updates in OCTOBER! In the meantime, the time has come to say goodbye to the reading and listening sections as we know them on the web app. Whether they were or were not up to our standards, they served some learners well, and deserve a farewell post.

    You have the final chance to look at them until Wednesday, September 20th. On Wednesday, both sections will be removed and will give a start to preparations for hosting the brand-new section. We all are eager to welcome something we've been passionately working on!

    Thanks for learning with us.

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