Bug with "Correct Repeats" Count?

  • Hi, I just started doing my repeats for the day. I noticed I got at-least-80%-correct badge after ten cards (sidebar actually says 90% out of 10 cards), so I'm curious if slightly-misspelled words that I get wrong don't count against it even though they get marked wrong and require me to try again.

    Because I absolutely, definitely got three cards wrong in the first ten: I didn't know erzählte (the ...erzählte Geschichte card) and got that totally wrong (I guessed erklärte).

    However, I also got one wrong for typing beweisen instead of bewiesen and I also got one wrong for typing konzequent instead of konsequent. These were marked wrong, and I got the red markup and had to re-type before proceeding.

    So I'm curious if this is a bug or by design that slight misspellings trigger the red markup but still will count as "correct" for the "80% badge" for the day.

    I have a screenshot of my sidebar after 10 cards with the 80% badge lit up if you'd like, but I'm lazy, so I won't bother to upload to imgur or wherever unless you ask. 🙂

  • OSX and Chrome, FWIW. I haven't used any other browser or device in a week or two minimum IIRC, so shouldn't be related to that sync bug.

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